Saturday, 20 February 2016

Dear Students and Parents

Kindly go through the norms of Honorable High Court Of Punjab and Haryana for safe transportation of schools.

Hon’ble   High   Court  of   Punjab   and   Haryana’s   Directions  for  School Buses and  Provision of Rule 114 (A)

  • School Bus must be prominently written on the back and front of every bus carrying  school children.
  • If it is a hired bus, “ON SCHOOL DUTY” should be prominently displayed.
  • No bus belonging  an educational institution should carry children excess of its permitted seating capacity.
  • Bus must have a first aid box.
  • Windows of the bus must be fitted with horizontal grills.
  • There must be fire extinguisher in every bus.
  • School name and telephone number  must be written on the bus.
  • Doors of the bus should be fitted with reliable locks.
  • Every driver of a school bus  must have a minimum experience of five years driving heavy vehicles and must not have any previous record of traffic offences.
  • In addition to the driver, there must be another qualified person in every school bus as provided in Rule 17 of Motor Vehicle Rules.
  • To keep school bags safety, there should be space provided under the seats.
  • There should be an escort from the school in the bus, preferably a teacher to ensure safety norms.
  • Every vehicle, bus/van other transport shall be permitted to carry school children if it holds a proper permit.
  • All the vehicles shall be road worthy and carry Annual Fitness Certificate. All the school buses shall carry insurance certificate.
  • All the drivers and conductors of the school buses shall wear proper uniform and name license number of the said driver and conductor.
  • The bus driver shall have proper and valid license during the time of employment/engagement.
  • All the school buses shall carry valid pollution under control certificate.
  • The school buses/vehicles shall not be permitted to exceed the speed of max. 50 KMPH in any part of the city.
  • The buses shall carry a board showing  the name of the school, route and timings which shall be displayed  conspicuously  on the front of the bus.
  • The education institution shall control and man the traffic in and around the school through their own man power.
    In addition to the compliance of following points may also be ensure by administrative authority of the schools:-
  • Name, home address with telephone number of driver must be recorded in your record.
  • School bus should be inspected by  school authority from time to time.
  • In case of any lapse/guilt by driver for not following  the directions of the Hon’ble High Court the matter should be reported to police by school authorities.
    A list of  the  school buses drivers with full detail must be forwarded  to SHOs concerned.
    “ 114-A, The owner of bus and the head of the management of educational institution while carrying school children  shall comply with the following  directions namely:-
  • The school buses shall be properly maintained, should be road worthy, should possess the certificate of fitness and insurance certificate, not emanate smoke beyond permissible limit. It should be manned by trained, experienced and well versed driver provided with attendant or conductor.
  • Every vehicle, bus, van or such other means of transport, carrying school children shall hold a proper permit/permission.
  • The bus driver engaged should have at least 5 years driving experience.
  • The bus driver should not  have been challaned  for more than three times for traffic violation like jumping red light, improper parking, violating stop line, unauthorized lane changing,

Kritika Seth
HR Manager
B.C.M. Arya Model Sr. Sec. school

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